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Maldives offers excellent business opportunities for Indian MSMEs  

Published on 14/03/2019 8:51am

Maldives offers excellent business opportunities for Indian MSMEs

(KNN Bureau) - The Maldives economy is dependent on imports, and Indian MSMEs have great potential to export items of daily use such as food products, medicines, handicrafts, and garments, or invest in the service sector like banking, finance, and hotels, said members of MSME trade bodies from both countries, at a meeting in New Delhi, reported KNN.


The report mentioned Abdul Latheef, President, SME and Entrepreneurship Federation of Maldives (SEFM), saying, “The Maldives offers an attractive market for Indian goods and services as Maldives’ economy is totally dependent on imports.” Latheef’s SEFM delegation represented members from sectors such as travel and tourism, construction, IT, logistics, etc.



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