SME & Entrepreneurs Federation of Maldives

SME & Entrepreneurs Federation of Maldives (SEFM) is a legal entity registered under law no: 1/2003 in the Republic of Maldives on 3rd December 2018.

As Maldives is embarking on twenty first century with robust development in Information and Communication Technology, the founders envisioned the importance of Small and Medium Enterprise Development in the Maldives as an essential integral part of economic development in Maldives.

SEFM is geared towards building a robust SME engagement and providing SEFM members with more opportunities to explore various economic windows, including financial and technical support in order to build the capacity.

SEFM is led by a dynamic team who has immense knowledge and experience in Maldives and International business arena. Our founding members and team members are qualified and dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions to SEFM members and other businesses.

SEFM will seek to develop partnerships with local and international partners to provide the best solutions and share knowledge, support the growth of SMEs and entrepreneurs as a whole in the Maldives.

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